Performed by Bettina Schroeder
Filmed and edited by James Smith

WINDSONG is part of an ongoing series of 'situationist filming' in which the improvisational element plays a key role. There is no premeditated plan, but a readiness to react to external stimuli. WINDSONG was a direct response to the environment of the Moroccan desert - almost an afterthought to a short sound recording session in the Erg Chebbi Dunes. The wind suddenly caught the strings of the Ukulele and the desert played the instrument by itself. Recognising the moment and filming it was a split second decision. Sound and visuals were synchronised carefully in post-production so what you see is what you get.

Film by Bettina Schroeder

As part of the ongoing series of 'situationist filming' FLIPSIDE uses the media of film to communicate an ordinary event, spontaneously experienced. The sound track recording the naturally occurring crackling, underlines the visual basis of the film, echoing the flourescent flicker that runs throughout. The camera focuses on one part of the scene all the way through until near the end. Repetitive sounds and frames highlight the tension and strengthen the expectation for something more to happen. Finally the viewer is rewarded when the camera moves and reveals the full story. The relatively mundane event taking place on screen is now seen with fresh eyes.

WINDSONG, 2016, digital film, 3 min. 56 sec.
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FLIPSIDE, 2015, digital film, 3 min. 38 sec.
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