The Light & Shadow Salon presents: 100 BOOKS: A VIGIL, 23/02/2017
performad at The Horse Hospital, London
A marathon reading of John Bently’s “100 Books”, consisting of 100 variations
of the same poem read by 100 different readers.
Bettina Schroeder reading Variation No.78

Blooms Day, 16/06/2015
Bettina Schroeder reading James Joyce's Ulyssus via Skype from Portugal
to Bookartbookshop in Hoxton, London
25 mins
The reading was accompanied by the showing of two of her sculptures.

The News Agents The News Agents, original 60 mins. broadcast on Resonance104.4fm

The News Agents

Extract of The News Agents on YouTube
The News Agents, 2015
performed & broadcasted on 24/01/2015 on Resonance104.4fm
60 mins.
A hybrid news-arts programme curated by Jude C Montague and team. Bettina Schroeder
and Jude C Montague build the skyscrapers and shanty towns of 'News City' in the Resonance
Studio as a live sound art installation. With reports from special correspondent James A Smith.

News Feeds

News Feeds, 2015
performed w. Jude C. Montaque on 03/01/2015 at the Camden Image Gallery, London
25 mins
From News City presenters Jude C. Montague and Bettina Schroeder bring you news,
latest affairs and current events as they unfold.

Pataphysical Equivalence?

Pataphysical Equivalence? on YouTube
The Equivalent Of The Pataphysical Cappucino Machine, 2014
performed on 07/09/2014 at Pataphysical Museum, London
6 mins

Dali Dreaming Gala

Dali Dreaming Gala, 2014
performed w. James A. Smith at bMoSo Academy of Song & Dance
as a part of Tea Trolley dance event, London
90 mins

Rescue Dress

Rescue Dress, 2012
performed at opening of Joanna Price's exhibition 'Good Form
and Nice Style', Galerie Pamme-Vogelsang, Cologne, Germany
90 mins

Monsieur et Madam Hulot

Monsieur Et Madam Hulot, 2010
performance w. James A. Smith for Monsieur Hulot's picnic, Essex
2 hours

Marlene Dietrich

Marlene Dietrich, 2002
performed at Studio 110, London
5 mins

Joan Wayne

Joan Wayne, 2001
performed at Westland Place Gallery, London
2 hours

Underneath The Matterhorn

Underneath The Matterhorn, 2001
performed at Westland Place Gallery, London
2 hours

Leopard At Home

Leopard At Home, 2001
performed at home, London
1 hour

Dinner With Fish

Dinner With Fish, 2000
performed at Studio 110, London
30 mins